Davey Quokka puts mocker on Turnbull

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RESPONSIBLE: Finger pointing in the Liberal camp has landed on Davey the quokka.
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TOPICS has come up with a new rhyming slang term for having a shocker.

He’s had a Davey Quokka!

Yep, amid all the finger-pointingand scapegoatery of the election fallout, there has been one marsupial almost deafeningly silent on the whole matter –Davey the quokka.While the federal election was too close to call for many, the ever daringDavey went out on a limb andpredicted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberal party-led coalition would run out winners over Bill Shorten’s opposition Labor.

The small four-year-old native Australian marsupial made the prediction at Wild Life Sydney Zoo last week after being left to choose between two jars of his favorite eucalyptus leaves, one labelled Turnbull and the other Shorten.

Davey, the size of a domestic cat, initially moved towards Shorten’s jar before changing his mind and eating the leaves in prime minister Turnbull’s pot.

Davey, you’ve either had abloody shocker, mate, or you’ve put the mockers on Mr Turnbull.

Now, which is it?

Topics will bring you updates on this important matter, as well as more words that rhyme with quokka, as they arise.

DO YOU WANNA LIVE HERE? WOW: A view of the resort on the Micronesian island of Kosrae.

Well do ya? Wanna live here, that is. Not here, where Topics is currently located, but there (pictured right).

Well, believe it or not,you can becauseAustralian coupleDoug and Sally Beitz, who spent their life savings building a resort on an idyllic Pacific island is giving their tropical oasis away — through a raffle.

It’s a classicallyAussie way to get rid of something. Topics has had a bit of luck at raffles.

We used to cleanup on the meat trays at the Delaney Hotel on a Thursday night.

So we’re going to throw our hat in the ring and snap up one of these $66 tickets.

And perhaps you should too, because if Doug and Sally don’t sell at least 50,000 tickets by July 26 then the resort won’t go up for grabs.

If less than 50,000 are sold, half of the money raised will go to the drawn winner with the family taking the remainder of the funds.

It’s a genius strategy to get some publicity for the sale of your unique property and potentially make a bit of cash.

Doug and Sally moved their young family from the Gold Coast to the Micronesian island of Kosrae in 1994 and have spent the past two decades developing a waterfront resort and scuba diving business there.

Now wanting to return to Australia to become “professional grandparents” ,the couple plan to hand over their island empire to the lucky winner.

The prize includes the Beitz family’s 16-room, fully staffedKosrae Nautilus Resort.

To enter the raffle visit 梧桐夜网wintheislandestates南京夜网/enter.

DRIVING JUNIOR GOLF TAP IT IN: Bobs Farm students using the new kids course at Pacific Dunes.

WHO said golf was an old man’s game?

A bunch of students from Bobs Farm Public School have been putting, chipping and driving down the fairways of Pacific Dunes’ newly built kids course.

It’s all part of the government’s “Sporting Schools” participation program aimed at kidsfostering a lifelong interest in sport.

The four-week golf program was conducted at the school, offering 16 students from year 3 to year 6 the chance to be introduced to the sport.

The program, which was a partnership of My Golf and coach Amanda Burns, focused on all elements of the game beforethe students battled the windy conditions to play three holes andspendsome time on the putting green at Pacific Dunes.

General Manager Kurt Linde said thenewly built kids course at Pacific Dunes, located on Championship Drive at Medowie,featured a3800 metregolf course with a par 72.

PGA Professional Jamie Hook is hosting weekly kids golf clinics and a school holiday program on July 13 and 14 and the club has a special membership price for under-18s.

With any luck the increase inparticipation might lead to the Hunter unearthing Australia’s next golfing prodigy.

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