13. 07. 2018
Ag’s fate in telcos’ hands

Ag’s fate in telcos’ hands

Promises of better connectivity have the potential to help fulfill existing agricultural potential in Australia.RELATED:Scuppered by web delayAGRICULTURAL technology is changing the persona of farmers from people constantly dressed in overalls; to drone flying, technological experts.
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With hundreds of rural companies investing in agricultural technology, farmers are at the forefront of opportunity.

Unfortunately though, a lack of mobile internet connection in the bush is hindering this technology’s potential.

Last month, member for Parkes, Mark Coulton and assistant minister for science, Karen Andrews, visited Moree’s agronomy business B&W Rural, where they were shown new agricultural innovations and technology.

A key focus of the day was highlighting that currently, thesetechnologies were working to a certain extent, but with better mobile internet connectivity in rural Australia, they could be improved dramatically.

Mr Coulton said the government had to find balance between rallying for people who don’t have a basic internet andsupporting better mobile internet connection to allow more agricultural development.

The amount of data supplied through phone networks is growing at an exponential rate and Mr Coulton said it was telcos’ responsibility to ensure they were upgrading their services to handle that.“It’s a conversation I’ll be having with the telcos to make sure they're continually upgrading their services to take these advancements into account,” he said.

Telstra area general manager for northern region, Michael Marom, said it was always a challenge to keep up with demand, especially whendata requirements were doubling every 12 to 15 months.

With a map on their website detailing where Telstra coverage would be provided across the state, some would argue the detail is inaccurate.

Mr Marom ensured their maps were accurate and people within coverage areas could be losing reception from things like “native vegetation” interfering with it.

With the NBN satellite expected to roll out soon, Mr Coulton said data capacity would be up and result in better internet connectivity in the paddock.

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13. 07. 2018
Malcolm’s nightmare

Malcolm’s nightmare

It's been a full three days since I heard anyone use the words jobs and growth.Feels great, eh? What a relief.
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Election hangover: Malcolm Turnbull is not the only one in shock after an election night that set the scene for an endless blame game. Illustration: John Shakespeare.

No doubt jobs and growth are still being spoken about in Coalition circles;except now the words are being shouted angrily, with spittle, behind closed doors -- and MPs are ranting about their own jobs and the growth of the near fatal swing to Labor.

At the time of writing, the AEC was still counting 1 million or so votes and Malcolm Turnbull's Coalition looked like the only party capable of forming a government from the rubble of election night.

As the business of bandaging up and stitching together a bloodied and battered executive to lead the country continued, so too did the Coalition's post-mortem into one of the worst election balls-ups in Australian history. Learnings must follow.

While they grope around for answers and as Labor pretends that their lowest primary votein decades is a wonderful achievement, I'd like to share the key things that I have learned from the 2016 federal election:

The smarty-pant press gallery knows jack s--t: Aside from a handful of (Fairfax) scribes, virtually no one saw an electoral apocalypse on the horizon. People may now be sayingthat they did (and offering all kinds of 20-20 hindsight advice to the vanquished)but they simply didn't have a clue. So much for expert analysis.Not even the nation's bookies, who priced Labor at $8 and the Coalition at $1.12 on election eve, foresaw minority governments, hung parliaments or the return of Pauline Hanson.

But it wasn't the Coalition's fault: The real electoral villain, unmasked Scooby Doo-like by Malcolm Turnbull on election night, was the ALP's evil "Mediscare" campaign.

Meanwhile, in huggable Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's Queensland electorate, he claimed "the CFMEU, the bikies and others ..." were responsible for the 5.8 per cent swing against him. In Victoria, Liberal MP Andrew Nikolic revealed the left-wing lobby group Get-Up was the reason he lost his seat.

In my seat of Gilmore, incumbent Ann Sudmalis appeared to blame Joe Blow, Fred Blogs and the aggressive manner in which they handed out ALP how-to-vote cards at local booths for the 3.8 per cent swing against her. "It was unbelievable! " Mrs Sudmalis said in a quavering voice on Monday. "They were handing stuff right over the top of somebody else and, just -- it was frightening!"Yeah, sounds like it Ann! Terrifying!

To recap: malevolent external forces cruelled the Coalition on Saturday. The loss of Liberal seats had absolutely nothing to do with the MPs themselves, their policies, their campaign strategy nor the will of the voters. It was the bikies and stuff!

Pauline Hanson has spent 18 years marinating in hatred: As we grow older most people mature, soften, grow wiser and let go of some of the strident views of their past. By their middle age, many Australians relax a bit and channel their energy into something constructive.

Not Pauline Hanson! The One Nation leader not only has the same haircut as she did in 1996, she has the very same angry, racist and hatey view of our country.

"You go and ask a lot of people in Sydney, at Hurstville or some of the other suburbs -- they feel they have been swamped by Asians!" she said.

Well, Pauline, I'd like to get me some of that. Being ex-Sydney I can honestly say the thing I miss most since moving to the South Coast a couple of years ago is people who aren't Anglo.

I reckon I live in the whitest town in Australia and -- while not taking anything away from our excellent local restaurateurs -- the dining choices reflect it.So send your Asians and other cultures this way, will ya?

Royal commissions are the answer to everything: Ever since Tony Abbott instigated a royal commission into the trade union movement, Bill Shorten and Labor have wanted a companion-style royal commission into Australia's banking system.

Now Pauline Hanson and the voices in her head want a royal commission into Islam and climate change. Seriously.

Once we've gotten those three inquiries out of the way -- and if there's any money left -- I believe we should have a royal commission into the State of Origin. Can Queensland really be that much better at footy? Doesn't 10 series wins in 11 years sound suss? It's bad for footy and bad for the country. Honestly, is anyone going to watch tonight's game?

Derryn Hinch has got a hide: The 2016 federal election marked the first time Hinch has ever voted. How thoroughly unsurprising that the first vote he ever cast was for himself.The Human Headline ... sorry, Senator Hinch, has opposed compulsory voting for decades because he reckons "commentators" like him should be exempt. It doesn't seem to have occurred to Hinch that social media has turnedeveryoneinto a commentator. It's partly why we've had five prime ministers in just five years.

Bill Shorten doesn't appear to hold grudges:Throughout his political career, the Labor leader has had to suffer the often puerile slings and arrows of the Murdoch press. Murdoch editors have smeared him from one end of the country to the other; if they're not Photoshopping his likeness into a giant steaming turd or a dribbling idiot, they're muck-raking through his private life.So I was as surprised as anyone else to learn during the election campaign that Mr Shorten has a son named Rupert. Go figure.

It's actually not that an exciting time to be alive: Take Monday for example; my wife had to work so I drove to Batemans Bay with my little girls only to find the indoor play centre was closed. I took them to the park for two hours instead and drove home wondering what to write about this week.

Later I hung out some washing and tried to be civil to the kids despite having a bit of a headache and being a bit grumpy. It was in no way an exciting time to be alive. I reckon one's level of excitement can depend on your mood and the kind of day you're having, right Malcolm?

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13. 07. 2018
Health services inquiry

Health services inquiry

HEALTH: The LCLGA in collaboration with the Tatiara District Council has made the submission in response to a SA Parliamentary inquiry into regional health services.
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Councils in theLimestone Coast have put forward a united stance on the future of heath services in the region.

The Limestone Coast Local Government Association made the submissionin response to an SA Parliamentary inquiry introduced in May byMember for StuartDan van Holst Pellekaan.

Theinquiry,assessingthe state government’sdelivery ofhealth services in the regions,gave localsthe opportunity to submit feedback until June 24.

TheLCLGA reportincluded feedback on theHealth Advisory Councils, theSA Ambulance Service, the scope ofpractice ofgeneral practitionersto country hospitals andmental health services in the SE.

Each council had the opportunity to present what was important to their region to be included in the report.

Tatiara District Councilmanager corporate and community servicesKingsley Green emphasised the importance ofBordertown Memorial Hospital and Keith and District Hospital.

“The paper provides a sound basis and positioning for highlighting and emphasising the region’s concerns about the current and future delivery of health services,” he said.

“As the report reveals, it is not an exaggeration to say that real progress needs to be made in developing a better and more sustainable model or framework for delivering regional health services.

“Due to the tyranny of distance and (the Tatiara’s)remoteness to other critical emergency medical services, there needs to be a greater emphasis on the need for accessible and responsive life saving services and services that address community well-being.”

LCLGA president Erika Vickery said: “One of the most significant issues to be raised was the large number of rural people that are seeking assistance in metropolitan hospitals due to a variety of services not being able to be delivered regionally.

“Health and well-being is essential to the continued success and growth of regional andruralSA and we urge the government of the day to assess our needs from a social perspective.”

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20. 08. 2019
Graffiti project scores $25,000

Graffiti project scores $25,000

AN AREA attacked by vandals will be transformed into a public art space with legitimate graffiti, as the council moves to curb its spending on graffiti removal by increasing its proactive programs.
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Graffiti has continued to be a scourge on Ballarat that costs the council close to a quarter of a million dollars to remove each year.

Ballarat City Council was one of 23 council granted crime prevention funds, with the city receiving $25,000 to complete two graffiti-oriented projects.

The funding is for the Vickers Street Muralproject, a partnership with police, local scout groups and residents to develop an anti-graffiti education program and install a public art mural at the Ballarat Scouting Complex in Sebastopol.

The scouting complex will be located at the old squash courts which have been vacant and vandalised, said Mayor Des Hudson.

“The squash courts have beentargeted in the past,” Cr Hudson said.

“(This reduce will allow us) to reduce the blank canvas and provide an artistic, legitimate art form.”

Announcing the grants, police minister Lisa Neville said the grants were a key part of the government’s plan to reduce crime and clean up the streets.

Ballarat’s former top cop Bob Barby had previously labelled Ballarat as one of the worst places for graffiti in Victoria.

Cr Hudson said the education program was still in its planning stages, however he believed the program would be periodic and be rolled out when spikes in graffiti were recorded.

“We will work with a cohort of you people susceptible to be involved in vandalism to reduce the frequency of that occurring,” Cr Hudson said.

Cr Hudson said council knew the legitimate art form murals and education programs worked.

Cr Vicki Coltman has repeatedly pushed for more free spaces for art, says we must take away the blank spaces and encourage people paint artwork rather than tags.She called the project a good step forward.

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20. 08. 2019
What was happening on this day in BallaratJuly 4

What was happening on this day in BallaratJuly 4

What was happening on this exact day in years gone by in Ballarat?
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Well, now you can find out.

Using our photo archives, we can take you back 15 years to find out who was making the pages ofThe Courier.


What was happening on this day in Ballarat | July 4 2002 - Ballarat and Western Region Women In Business Awards: Overall winner Susie O'Neill- Community Environment or Government Services, is pictured with her mother, Margaret Gallagher, left, and her daughters Kate O'Neill, (second from left) and Emma O'Neil.

2002 - Ballarat and Western Region Women In Business Awards: Adam Hill, Katie Eames, and Carli Folker.

2002 - Ryan Waight

2002 - North Ballarat Roosters training: Levi Turner.

2002 - Aquatic Ice official opening, pictured from left, YMCA staff Marita Cougal, Mayor David Vendy, and Aquatic Ice coordinator Gregg Cooper.

2003 - Mitsubishi Dealership, Learmonth Rd, offical opening: Barry Stoddart, Maree Lee, Geoff Lee, Kathy Rivett, Jodie Morcombe, David Rivett, and dealer principal Peter King

2003 - YMCA Ice Skating: 8 Year old Thomas Miles.

2003 - New Winter Beer from CUB: Carlton and United Account Executive Liquor Stores Malcolm Rock and Craigs Royal Hotel Bar Manager Snow Baker.

2003 - Preview for Carnivale 2003: Bonnie Henderson, Paul Henderson, Ferndale Costumer Service Manager Vicki Edwards, Sally Spencer, Glenn Dennert, Charmaine Dennert, Barb Spencer.

2003 - YMCA Ice Supervisor Hannah Knoll.

2004 - NAIDOC Week flag raising ceremony and civic reception: Deb and Shianne Milera.

2004 - Concrete finisher Peter Bowers stands proudly in front of his handiwork at the Ballarat skatepark.

2004 - Donation to the Christmas in July Appeal by the Lions Club of Ballarat: Uniting Care Outreach Centre Welfare Worker Vicki Owers, Christmas in July Appeal Director Peter Calligari, Lions Club Of Ballarat Ray Thomas.

2004 - NAIDOC Week flag raising ceremony and civic reception: Patrick McCabe and Christine Ward.

2004 - Hannah O'Brien, 16 yo student who recently won the Open Division Victorian Interschool Climbing Championships.

2005 - Australian society for music education young composers concert at Ballarat High School: Brenton Sewart and Dean Gourley.

2005 - Australian society for music education young composers concert at Ballarat High School: Scott Mangos, Sam Boon, Daniel Watson.

2005 - Australian society for music education young composers concert at Ballarat High School: Tim Smolenaers, Danni Stefanetti.

2005 - Australian society for music education young composers concert at Ballarat High School: Jess Brookes , Hannah Casement.

2005 - Australian society for music education young composers concert at Ballarat High School: Megan Collins, Erica Wilson, Callum Gracie, Danni Stefanetti.

2006 - Members of the Ballarat Secondary College kayak team (l to r) Tim Buby, Amber Everitt, Bronwyn Buby and Jayde Everitt with Apex youth development officer Jay Smith (centre) who has donated $800 to the group for new equipment.

2006 - University Of Ballarat Gold winning tennis team: Kara Smith, Rachael Le Maitre, Anna Lehmann, Team Manager Peter Joyce.

2006 - Finalists in the English Speaking Awards: Mark Nicholson, Yvette Gallagher, Sam Smith, Anne Draffen, Kathryn Clare, Courtney Barnes, Whitney Pittard, Tristan Lambert.

2006 - Braith Nunn, LPFL preview.

2006 - UoB students undertake training to become part of the "Fit to Drive" program: John Taylor past president Rotary club of Wendouree (sponsor), program coordinator Graham Spencer , 4th yr Education student Leah Alder, Fit to Drive Program student facilitator

2007 - Lumen Christi students receive a letter from the Queen's office after they wrote telling about their school what they do in Ballarat. Grade 5/6 student Eliza Wood proudly displays the letter.

2007 - Australia Fair Pies in the Running for the Best Pie Competition: Debbie Lewis.

2007 - Creswick's Ben Murray.

2007 - Getting fired up for the junior Bendigo/Ballarat clash are left BFL football and netball and operations manager Aaron Nunn, U13.5 Captain Matthew Begbie and BFL junior football director Robert Allan.

2007 - Official opening of Sovereign Hill's new Chinese camp and blessing of the temple: Lisa and Emma Philips.

2008 - Local kid Ashley Duffy wins competition to the Beijing Olympics from a breakfast cereal promotion.

2008 - Preview to MAYTE production of "Maskerade" at BSC Wendouree campus: Senor Ennio Basilica (Tim Harris), Agne Nitt (Hermione Higgins), Granny Nehterway (Zoe De Jong), Hron (Lisa Hill).

2008 - Ballarat artist Ron Walker has opened his gallery and studio in Eureka Street.

2008 - Newly arrived refugees from the Horn of Africa visiting Sovereign Hill as a part of Jesuit Social Services program to strengthen refugee communities: Chala Mahammed amkes his first (real) snow ball.

2008 - Dr Aaron Luttrell (Ballarat Veterinary Practice) with "Nelson" the Boxer.

2009 - Karate Black Belt, Taylor Duffy, of Miners Rest is The Courier's Sport Star of the Week.

2009 - Circus Cooking and Craft Day at Canadian Lead School as Part of Pinarc School Holiday Program: Talyn Dart of Ballan plays with a ball on a small excercise trampoline.

2009 - FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands at Karova Lounge.

2009 - Ballarat Rebels player Andrew Hooper has been selected in the U/18 All-Australian team.

2009 - Battle of the Bands winner Howl at Karova Lounge.

2010 - New Coaches and Captain for East Ballarat cricket club: New Coach - Tom Brand, New Captain - Nathan Yates, Assistant Coach - Mark Shaw.

2010 - Preview for a fund raiser for the Borneo Orangutan Survival: Tina Sandlant and Scott Henderson.

2010 - Riley Green is off to America to celebrate 100 years of scouting around the world.

2010 - Maddison Delmo, Dora and Sophia Robinson.

2010 - Rhys Maguire with Elliot the Koala.

2011 - Eclectic Tastes Chef Suzi Fitzpatrick with the massive zuchini.

2011 - Angie McDonnell.

2011 - Ben and Matt Tuddenham have just returned from the Special Olympics after winning silver in the Basketball.

2011 - Red Devils players Paul McClounan and David King are looking forward to adding their part to the club's silverware collection.

2011 - Paralympians Chris Nunn and Don Elgin will be speaking at St.Patricks College for a Karden Disability Support Foundation Dinner.

2012 - Minister for Agriculture & Food Security and Minister for Water Peter Walsh seeding Lake Burrumbeet with thousands of trout fingerlings as part of re-stocking program.

2012 - Team photo at Victoria Armstrong Podiatry: Victoria Armstrong, Jock Hayes, Sue Bennett, Elisha Polkinghorne, Loretta Egan.

2012 - The Bridge Hotel are renivating into a rock music venue: Brendan Noonan from The Bridge Hotel in Castlemaine.

2012 - Downloading the Courier outside Europa Cafe on Sturt St: Jo Byrne, Chrisine Walker, Sarah Crane.

2012 - YAE run courses for troubled/disadvantaged youths with the aim of getting them back on the rails and into steady employment. Harley is a graduate of the program and works under Julian Field at O'Neill Plumbing.

2013 - Run Ballarat official launch in Bridge Mall: Tarryn Birch and Taylah Edmond.

2013 - Run Ballarat official launch in Bridge Mall: Erin and Polly Santamaria.

2013 - Run Ballarat official launch in Bridge Mall: Ben McGuane (National Project Manager - Cotton On Foundation).

2013 - Run Ballarat official launch in Bridge Mall: Liam Howlett, Justin Howlett.

2013 - Run Ballarat official launch in Bridge Mall: Libby Crumpler, Flash (dog), Emily Crumpler.

2014 - Headspace 1st birthday: Bob Morley, Larelle Kuczer.

2014 - Headspace 1st birthday: van Thorne, Jesse Park.

2014 - Headspace 1st birthday: Janine Martin, Remi Briody.

2014 - Headspace 1st birthday: Chandler Pearce and Terrence Curwen-King.

2014 - Headspace 1st birthday: David Anderson and Heather Pearce.

2015 - NAIDOC week celebrations: Amber Barker-Lovett and Zoraida Thomas.

2015 - NAIDOC week celebrations: Bronwyn Pickford, Anne Brinsden, Julian Harvey.

2015 - NAIDOC week celebrations: Jon Kanoa, Aaron Clarke, and Mitchell Gibbs.

2015 - NAIDOC week celebrations: Josh Muir, Angela Heard and Libby Jewson.

2015 - NAIDOC week celebrations: John Marmo and Bishop Peter Connors (Ballarat).

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20. 08. 2019
Four greats in Hall of Fame

Four greats in Hall of Fame

INAUGURAL INDUCTEES: Four legends of the club were inducted into the Panthers Hall of Fame on Saturday night. Picture: Supplied.Four rugby league greats have been revealed as the inaugural inductees to the Panthers Hall of Fame.
Nanjing Night Net

Announced in chronological order,Grahame Moran, Royce Simmons, Greg Alexander and Craig Gower were inducted into the Hall of Fame at the club’s glittering 50thseason gala dinner on Saturday, June 25at the Panthers Exhibition Marquee.

An expert panel selected a shortlist of 12 nominees from 559 playersfor the announcement, a list which also included legends Ryan Girdler, Mark Geyer, Steve Carter,Tony Puletua,John Cartwright, Trent Waterhouse, Tim Sheens and Brad Fittler.

One of the original Panthers players, an emotional Moran said it was an honour to be announced as the first inductee to the Hall of Fame.

“I can’t believe it, I’m lost for words,” he told the audience.

“During the day my son rang up and said, ‘Dad, have you prepared a speech?’. I said, ‘What for? I rank number 13 out of the top 12. I’m never going to be in the Hall of Fame’.

“He said, ‘you never know’.”

The showpiece event was attended by dozens of former Panthers players, including members of the club’s 1991 and 2003 Premiership sides, along with the current NRL squad, staff and sponsors.

Phil Gould AM was master of ceremonies for the evening and was joined by rugby league historian David Middleton to reflect on the club’s humble beginnings, greatest achievements and the people who made it all possible.

NOMINATED: The 12 former players nominated for induction into the Panthers Hall of Fame on Saturday night. Picture: Supplied.

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20. 08. 2019
Great defence, great win

Great defence, great win

IMPRESSIVE: Oberon Junior Rugby League under 12s had a win against Mudgee. The side led from the start to the end of the match.Oberon Junior Rugby League under 12s played another brilliant game on a freezing Saturday morning to come up with a 28-14 win.
Nanjing Night Net

It was great to have a 16-man team show up against a 12-mansquad from Mudgee.

Oberon led from the start to the end.Kane Danslow andRiley O'Bernier scored tries andTom Lemmich scored three.We had four conversions from Mack Richards, Brock Hogan, Riley O'Bernier and Kaidyn Whittaker (Jackie).

Team membershelped each other to tackle to keep the score against them a little lower this week. There was great defence from Liam, Keiran, Chaise, Brandon, Kynan, Charlie, Jordie, Ben, RileyOliver and Nick.

Jackie, Tom, Mack, Kane, Brock and Riley O'Bernier had great all-round games, digging in with defence and great attacking runs.Tom Lemmich won came away with the greatly deserved players’playeraward.

The parents, friends and families of the under 12s were extremely proud to see a great game from the boys,particularly in teamwork, and all the spectators were very impressed with their singing abilities for the team song at the end of the game.

A big thank you goes to Herb O'Bernier and Peter Lemmich for their time spent in training and coaching the team and also to our under 12s sponsors Gibbs Logging, Bearers 4 U, Mawhood's IGA, Wills Tyres and Mechanical, Multiworks Constructions and MCF Engineering.

Sport in brief:indoor bowlsRSL Club

Kevin Whalan and Inge Braun bowledwell in the doubles team matches on June 28 and won with a score of 20 points. The runners-up team was Armando Giovannetti and Lynette Maloney with 12 points.

Inge, Kevin and Lynette scored one rester each.

Remember, players’ names are to be in by 7pm to start bowling at 7.30pm every Tuesday at the RSL Club auditorium.


Nine players bowledat Burraga on June 29 and six players scored one rester each:Tony Press, Gary Fisher, Shane Stapleton, Adam Smith, Armando Giovannetti and Barbara Pearce.

The winning team was skip Armando Giovannetti and Shane Stapleton. Runners-up team players were skip Mick Stapleton and Shaun Hands.Gary Fisher won the Burraga raffle.

There will be no bowls on Wednesday, July 13 due to the State of Origin.

Well done bowlers. See you on July 20.

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20. 08. 2019
Simply no way to pay for plan

Simply no way to pay for plan

Northern Grampians Cr Wayne Rice believes the shires roads will suffer if council doesn't receive a fair share of the taxation dollar, or adequate government funding to maintain roads. NORTHERN Grampians Shire Council has identified $74-million in capital works projects desperately needed in the community, but admits it has no way to fund the plan.
Nanjing Night Net

On Monday, councildiscussed its$4.3-million2016-17roads and bridges capital works program, andidentified unfunded projects worth $74-million.

Council’sroad allocation decreased by $1.5-million from the draft budget after the federal government cut backits Roads to Recovery money.

A report to council identified a significant shortfall in finances, with council indicating it currently budget $3 to $4-million a year on capital works, but wouldneed to spend close to $9-million in future to maintain current service standards.

Cr Wayne Rice said the predicted need was a massive issue of concern for councillors.

“We’re falling behind in infrastructure all the time,” he said.

Cr Rice said council and ratepayers were being hurt by thefreezing ofFinancial AssistanceGrants, indexation, rate capping and council’stoo small percentage of the taxation dollar.

“We’renot at all happy with the government. This is unfair on all of us,” he said.

“We’re generally concerned about the roads and safety.

“We look at the hierarchy of roads and look at those we can downgrade where we can, and even closed a few not so important roads.

“Wecan’t keep up.It’s unfair on ratepayers to keep doing it.”

Cr Rice said the longer infrastructure was neglected, the more it would cost.

“It’s a false economy,to just say we just cut back on spending – a dollar only goes so far,” he said

“NSWhashad ratecapping for years and look at their roads.They’reabsolutely shocking.If roads fall to that level it’ll takemany, many years to catch up –if you evercan.”

Cr Rice said the issue was dividingcouncil from the community.

“It’s the sort of thing that is used when people are making a point to say where’s the value for money from their rates,” he said.

“The dollars are getting less and needing to stretch further.”

Cr Rice said theyear had been particularly hard because it was a property valuation year.

He said residents expected rates to be steady because of the rate cap, only to findthey hadincreased along with their property’s value.

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22. 07. 2019
Air force swoops in

Air force swoops in

ON A WING: The Super Hornet jet fighter will take part in Exercise Hamel around Port Pirie.Planes including the F/A-18F Super Hornet jet fighter will swoop into the skies above Port Pirie as part of Exercise Hamel.
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The exercise is amajor Australian Army operationdesigned to develop thefighting skills of an Army Brigade.

More than 8000 members of the Australian Army, Royal Australian Navy, Royal Australian Air Force, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Army (Pacific) and the New Zealand Army are taking part in the exercise in the areas in and aroundPort Pirie airport, Cultana Training Area, Whyalla, and Port Augusta.

The air force is supporting the exercise with F/A-18F Super Hornet, C-130J Hercules, Pilatus PC-9 and AP-3C Orion aircraft.

Until July 14, up to two AP-3C Orions operating out of RAAF Base Edinburgh near Adelaide will provide overland intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support.

Until July 10, up to three C-130J Hercules aircraft operating largely out of Edinburgh will fly to airfields in Port Pirie, Whyallaand Woomera to deliver Army personnel deployed at Cultana Training Area and resupply personnel through the airdrop of cargo.

Flying activity to some airfields is expected to take placeuntil 3am during the exercise.

On July5, 7 and 9, two Pilatus PC-9 aircraft from No.4 Squadron at RAAF Base Williamtown will conduct flying operations in support of the exercise.

The aircraft will depart from Port Augusta and fly over Cultana Training Area in a two-ship formation in a morning and afternoon mission each day.

On July 6-8 and 11, up to two F/A-18F Super HornetsfromNo.1 Squadron at RAAF Base Amberley, near Ipswich, Queensland, willconduct flying operations in support of the exercise about11am to 1pm each day.

The planeswill take off from Amberley before conducting air-to-air refuelling and will only be low enough to be seen and heard while flying directly over Cultana.

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22. 07. 2019
World titles sponsorship

World titles sponsorship

Sporting Legends chair Chris Tudor (centre) presented cheques to motocross rider Cody Dyce and beach volleyballer Rebecca Ingram, who will both be representing Australia in Europe soonRiverslea’s champion beach volleyballer Rebecca Ingram and Tinamba’s premier motocross rider Cody Dyce have received donations from Sale’s Sporting Legends.
Nanjing Night Net

Both young athletes were given $2000 from the club’s fund, which will help them travel overseas to compete in their sports’ world championships.

Ingram will be heading to Cyprus for the World Games via Adelaide and France, while Dyce will be competing in the World Junior Motocross Championships on the shores of the Black Sea in Russia.

The money comes from the venue, which returns all profits into a fund for junior sports in the community.

Sporting Legends CEO Ken Bailey said this was the first time there had been two world-class young people given funding.

“It’s a community effort,” he said.

On Friday, July 8, the venue will host a raffle at 7pm, and other fundraisers to help out further.

SL chair Chris Tudor said it was fantastic.

“This is what the whole club is about,” he said.

Ingram and Dyce were both thrilled, and thanked the club for all the help.

Dyce’s father Col said he was humbled by the donation.

“It shows what the community can really do together,” he said.

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22. 07. 2019
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

BELLES AND BEAUS: Lumen Christi debutantes and their partners at the 2016 Merimbula Legacy Ball on Saturday, July 2. Picture: Angi HighPambula’s characterAfter having read Angela George’s attack of Greg Ferguson (Letters, Magnet, 30/6), I was dumbfounded that someone who professes to be such an experton heritage could possibly slam a community member’s view that the current supermarket proposal for Pambula was not at all sympathetic to Pambula’sheritage town character.
Nanjing Night Net

Mr Ferguson convened a public meeting, attended by more than 100 localresidents, to hear what the developer was proposing.

Theoverwhelming majority of people either didn’t want the supermarketdevelopment at all or at least wanted it to reflect the character of the town.

The developer on the night declared he was quite willing to amend the designto make it sympathetic to the heritage style of the town and he also stated hewould be willing to accept changes or conditions of consent to provideconnectivity to the town centre.

It appears these things have not beenreflected in the DA currently before council.

To council’s credit, it deferredmaking a decision on the DA pending an onsite meeting to address someconcerns.

Let’s hope that the changes the developer had agreed to make arehigh on the council’s agenda to ensure they are addressed.

Fraser Buchanan,Pambula

Fluoride of littlebenefitThere is a growing consensus in the medical/dental community that fluoride has little - or even no – benefit when it comes to preventing dental cavities and is potentially very harmful to children.

The fluoride added to town water is based on industrial or fertiliser toxic waste.

The most effective way to have healthy teeth is good nutrition, diligent oral hygiene and regular dental care.

Australian Bureau of Statistics’ data shows that more than half of Australian kids between the age of 6 and 10 have tooth decay; Australia has the fastest-growing rate of obesity in the world; almost half of Australian kids are overweight or obese.

All this is due to the very high consumption of sugar via soft drinks, energy bars, flavoured milks, instant breakfast drinks and sugar-coated cereals.

How is the addition of a potentially harming residue in the town water supposed to fix the damage?

Quite apart from the fact that it would be indiscriminate mass medication without public consent.

Bernard Lagarenne,Merimbula

Fluoride debate deniedMichael Standen when advocating forced fluoridation (Letters,Magnet, 30/6) should consider the letter Professor Trevor Sheldon wrote to the House of Lords after he had chaired the UK government-commissioned systematic review of fluoridation carried out by the University of York in 2000.

ProfSheldon stated that medical and dental associationswere misusing the findings of the York Review.

He specifically stated that the review did notshow water fluoridation to be safe and that the quality of the research was too poor to establish with confidence whether or not there are potentially important adverse effects in addition to the high levels of fluorosis.

Prof Sheldon advised the House of Lords there was little evidence to show that water fluoridation has reduced social inequalities in dental health.

He also noted that the review team was surprised that in spite of the large number of studies carried out over several decades there is a dearth of reliable evidence with which to inform policy and that until high quality studies are undertaken providing more definite evidence, there will continue to be legitimate scientific controversy over the likely effects and costs of water fluoridation.

It appears that only people who claim that fluoridation is safe want to deny debate.

Merilyn Haines, Fluoride Action Network Australia,Pallara, Qld

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22. 07. 2019
Government seeks legal advice on slogans

Government seeks legal advice on slogans

THE government has sought advice from the Solicitor-General to determine the penalties applicable toAmbulance Tasmania staff who write union messages on ambulances.
Nanjing Night Net

Health and Community Services Union members have been using chalk pen to writeanti-government slogans on ambulances after pay negotiations broke down between ambulance service staff and the government.

HACSU said the government had agreed to a 5 per cent wage increase backdated to 2013, which is the last time some staff had a pay rise,but the government has instead offered a 6 per cent increase over the next three years and argued no such agreement ever existed.

Premier Will Hodgman said the government wanted to understand the ramifications of people defacing state-owned property.

“I think it’d be appropriate for a governmentto do that but there’s no suggestion or veracity to the claim we want police to move against those who have defaced ambulances,” he said.

“I think most Tasmanians would appreciate it’s a pretty dramatic course of action to deface ambulances.

“The issue here is the protection and upkeep of important public infrastructure like ambulances.”

HACSU state secretary Tim Jacobson said it seemed the pay dispute was being dictated from the Premier’s office.

“The phone has gone completely dead and it seems the government are seeking to sic the Solicitor-Generalonto its own employees,” he said.

“It’s hard to believe this has not become a game of spite from the Liberals losing seats in Tasmania.It is not defacing ambulances, they are chalk pens, they wipe off.”

Acting opposition leader Michelle O’Byrne said it was “reprehensible” that the government would consider takinglegal action against public sector staff.

“Paramedics have waited a long time (for a pay rise), they’ve behaved entirely appropriately, their campaign is consistent with that that’s been conducted by paramedics in other states, and this premier should just listen to them,” she said.

The government has also been contracting cleaners to remove the slogans daily for safety reasons.

It is understood that when Victorian ambulances were covered in union slogans that state’s government warned the action was illegal but did not take the issue further.

The Solicitor-General’s office was contacted but does not respond to media requests unless instructed by the government.

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22. 07. 2019
Honoured for community service

Honoured for community service

Rotary 9650 district governor Maurie Stack names Graham Brown a Paul Harris Fellow. Photo by Ashley Cleaver/Cleavers Images.The name Graham Brown is synonymous with community service in the Manning Valley.
Nanjing Night Net

He is also now a Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International, with the announcement taking placeat the Rotary District 9650 changeover dinner.

Graham was an important part of the original fundraising committee for the Manning Entertainment Centre in 1988 and again 20 years later when a flytowerwas required.

When funding was needed for a construction of a small hospital on the island of Nias, Indonesia, following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, Graham and his son Kyle devised and executed the World’s Largest Dinner Party which raised $53,000 in a single night in support of this Rotary Australia World Community Service project.

For more than 30 years Graham has donated enormous amounts of his time and expertise to theManning Valley Businessman’s Association,Manning Valley Entertainment Centre Committee,Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia,Manning Online (founder and initial funder),Taree Legacy,Manning Development Corporation and many other community organisations.

Since 1997 hehas been chairperson of the Bushland Health Group and has overseen enormous developments during that period.

Graham personally kick-started the transformation of Taree CBD with his Tidy Up Taree group which has been operating since 2013.

He is a passionate and articulate promoter of the Manning.

Graham accepted the role of treasurer for the recent Rotary District 9650 conference and not only controlled all aspects of finance to produce a widely acclaimed event under budget but was closely involved in all aspects of planning.

During the presentation, Graham was described as a “gift to the Manning Valley and to the world and a worthy Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International”.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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